I'm Liam Johnson. I'm an eighteen years old musical theatre major at the Webster Conservatory. I was born in Harrogate, England, moved to Houston, TX until college, so now I'm in St. Louis. This blog is a compilation of things I find fascinating. I am a big movie & television lover, passionate in song and dance, love fashion, I am gay and don't go a day without Starbucks. Message me if you want to get to know me a little better, I'm always willing to meet new people. Always remember, "You Are Enough."


Florian Van Bael




is that justin bieber 

omfg i thought this was amanda as sebastian

even better 



Hamaki-Ho Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

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Rain, rain, go away so we can open the sunroof in a sleek AND stylish Ford with amazing comfort AND technology. Yes, AND Is Better even with a windows-down hairdo.
LOL at the relevance of this right now. People can be so thoughtless of others. 

This is the reason I never get myself in a relationship.

There’s this guy I’ve been seeing, in a way, since February. A sort of friend with benefits but we would go out on dates and all our friends know about us. Well of course I want to make it more than what it is, and he does too.. although he graduates from our college in one month and won’t take a step further. Which I don’t blame him because he’s moving to NYC and I’ll still be in my program for a few more years. It just fucking sucks. Because instead of living the last few months like nothing bad was coming and just being happy, we sat in anticipation of the worst instead of just trying.
Now I feel like I’m hanging onto his hand as he sticks his arm out of a train thats bound for a far destination. Although I will see him again, probably often, I feel like I’m about to loose something I really really love having.

This is the second time this has happened to me this year. I hate getting attached to someone, because the guys I am into seem to always just leave me when I’m just getting comfortable.

This fucking sucks and I do not know what to do.
I don’t want to lose what I have, 
But I will… and it will hurt.

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Marcos Esparza and Carlos Esparza


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